Interview with Augustine Eguavoen

Augustine EguavoenOutside the Football world, one person you would like to meet?

“(Pause)…if I say Nelson Mandela, it will be a little bit crazy because I have met him already. I am also a very big fan of Madonna, the musician and then Janet Jackson as well. I would love to meet these stars. But I have my local stars back home though, like Genevieve, Oshan George, Okereke and so on and so forth, the guys also. But I have met them and if they were outside Nigeria, they will be one to meet.”

Why was France ‘98 a flop?

“It was indeed a flop by my assessment, when Bora took over, just like every other coach he came with a different style, more so some of us came into the team late like; Rashidi Yekini, Okafor, Peter Rufai, Ben Iroha and myself. After the success of the Atlanta ‘96 dream team, most people felt this was the team for the world Cup, forgetting that the world cup is a different cup of tea. They didn’t have that needed experience, but they were good. As they began to lose games we were called in the young boy that won the gold medal in Atlanta did not like it from my observation and there was division in the camp. Another factor was the captainship issue errrrr. Having been captain in ‘94 I felt I should of have been the captain of the team, it did not bother me as I was there to give my best to my country. Then it was Oliseh and there after it was Kanu, infact the team lack leadership. The divisions continue to France, while there, for the first time I saw a Nigeria team with one player to a room, it is unheard of. It was always two players to a room, for the simple reason of sharing ideals and how best the team can succeed. Like earlier said it was Bora’s ideal, he thought it was great. As I speak to you today Rashidi Yekini it’s still not relating with some players, based on what happened in France ‘98, I hate to say it, but the truth be said, but a house divided against itself cannot stand and our France ‘98 team paid for it.”

UK Bookmakers in play Betting

Since many years ago, betting online is considered as an activity everybody can do but even that it looks simple, it is not. Betting is not about some numbers, money and favorite teams and players; betting goes beyond that. Actually, betting has become in the most popular and played online activity, and that is why it could be found many betting site around the world. However, through years these bookmakers or sportbooks had to create and improve different ways of betting, and one of them is In-play betting. Nowadays, it is known as the most revolutionary method of betting.

But, what is in-play betting? That is a question many novice gamblers wonder. Well, as the name says, in-play betting method covers all type of events that offer the opportunity of betting while the event is happening. So, while any gambler is watching the event or sport, he could change his bet depending on how the game goes. This is a great benefit for any gambler because it can allow to make the bet in favor of the gambler, and it is easy to use it.

Now, in-play betting is offered by any sport? That is another frequently question. The very simple answer would be yes, but there are some sports that are not popular within gambler as table tennis. However, in-play betting is an option now available for any kind of sport that has a wide audience, such as football in UK and basketball in US. In present day, any betting site that does not have the option of in-play betting would be considered as a non-recommended site. That is why many and many betting site has it! An example of it, there are the most popular bookies as Bet365, Betvictor, Paddy Power, William Hill, Coral and many others UK bookmakers.

How to Win Big with Football Betting Sites

Of course nobody wants to place a bet and lose! It`s just natural that everybody love to win substantial sum of money placed on bet at any given occasion. Though it might sound as a wish but it is possible to hit the jackpot by carefully studying the field and placing your bet on the right game and at the right price. An ambitious punter takes full advantage of numerous guidelines on how to win big with top bookmakers. Though he might have the knowledge of basic procedures and rules and perhaps the winning tricks but there is more to that. Online football betting is not a new concept neither fading away. The popularity is increasing tremendously and punters are relentlessly searching for new possible ways of beating the bookmakers right in their domain.

Apparently, the overcrowded punters all look forward to a jackpot whenever they have the opportunity to place their bet but with what strategy could this happen? Though as widely agreed, multiple betting is considered as a way of maximizing your chances of winning big as against single betting. This strategy requires registering multiple accounts with different bookmakers making it possible to stake your money on best bet at reasonable given odds. However, risk remains the only language of gambling and punters are compelled to take the initiative sometimes in order to have an edge over bookmakers. The usual rush to place bet on low-priced top football teams combined with relatively low odds should be ignored if punters really want to discover how to win big with football betting sites; it won’t be funny or a surprise to see a top team suffers unbelievable defeat to rather an unknown team. On a last note, it is just wise to always stake your bet on familiar top football leagues and never fall to financial promises put on leagues that are new to you; a bird in hand is worth two in the bush!

Calculate Football Betting Odds Properly

There are many people who irrespective of the interests in playing football bets are not aware of the calculation of the football betting odds. This calculation is very essential, but at the same time, it also requires huge amount of skills. Calculation is mainly done in order to determine the winning team, and accordingly the bets can be placed. These odds are largely based on the possibility that on occurrence of a game, the historical data will be collected. There are online betsites on the internet that can offer the opportunity to gather important data that can help in the appropriate calculation of the odds.

There are several ways in which calculation can be done for the football betting odds, but the most important thing that you need to do is to understand the game and the team well. At the same time, you should also have knowledge on the betting rules through which you can definitely make a big win. If possible, you can also talk to an experienced professional better regarding the exact ways of calculation and winning the odds in the game. This in turn, will definitely help you to a tremendous extent, and you would acquire more knowledge on it.

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Tomb Raider Slot

Back in 2004, the online casino industry was still in its childhood. With a single game release, Microgaming software soon changed the entire way game designers thought about Internet slot games – and produced two of the UK’s online casinos favorites in Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword.

With the wildly successful computer game title by Eidos, Microgaming creating the 15 payline game that is today much-imitated for its clean black background and active 3D animations. In terms of game play, Tomb Raider was one of the first online slot games ever to create a bonus feature that could be entered through free spins.

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Get Online Football Betting Odds From The Bookmakers

You might not be aware of the fact that in today’s date, football is considered to be one of the most popular sports for betting, and it is also ahead of horse racing. With your opinion and common perception of football, it will be very easy for you to place your bets. There are many online sites that offer the facility of betting. However, you can check out necessary information on the internet regarding football betting odds. In fact, this is very essential because if you become aware of the betting odds, it will be easier for you to place the bets, and accordingly, win the game.

With football betting odds, you will get plenty of opportunities with different betting websites across the world to place your bets. However, prior to that, it is very essential that you are updated thoroughly about the game, and the winning scores, as well. On every outcome of a match, you will find that the bookmakers will offer you odds. When you are aware of betting techniques along with essential knowledge of the game, it will be very easy for you to match the latest odds, and take the appropriate decision through which you can win the game.