Interview with Augustine Eguavoen

Augustine EguavoenOutside the Football world, one person you would like to meet?

“(Pause)…if I say Nelson Mandela, it will be a little bit crazy because I have met him already. I am also a very big fan of Madonna, the musician and then Janet Jackson as well. I would love to meet these stars. But I have my local stars back home though, like Genevieve, Oshan George, Okereke and so on and so forth, the guys also. But I have met them and if they were outside Nigeria, they will be one to meet.”

Why was France ‘98 a flop?

“It was indeed a flop by my assessment, when Bora took over, just like every other coach he came with a different style, more so some of us came into the team late like; Rashidi Yekini, Okafor, Peter Rufai, Ben Iroha and myself. After the success of the Atlanta ‘96 dream team, most people felt this was the team for the world Cup, forgetting that the world cup is a different cup of tea. They didn’t have that needed experience, but they were good. As they began to lose games we were called in the young boy that won the gold medal in Atlanta did not like it from my observation and there was division in the camp. Another factor was the captainship issue errrrr. Having been captain in ‘94 I felt I should of have been the captain of the team, it did not bother me as I was there to give my best to my country. Then it was Oliseh and there after it was Kanu, infact the team lack leadership. The divisions continue to France, while there, for the first time I saw a Nigeria team with one player to a room, it is unheard of. It was always two players to a room, for the simple reason of sharing ideals and how best the team can succeed. Like earlier said it was Bora’s ideal, he thought it was great. As I speak to you today Rashidi Yekini it’s still not relating with some players, based on what happened in France ‘98, I hate to say it, but the truth be said, but a house divided against itself cannot stand and our France ‘98 team paid for it.”